Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Mikrofest XIV is almost here!
here are the particulars:

Saturday, June 6th 02009, 1pm.
The Northern, at 321 4th Ave in Olympia WA.
$5, all ages

The Northern does not allow drinking or drugs, as it is an all-ages venue. We thank you in advance for following this one and only rule, as we in Olympia, no matter how old, need an all-ages space. We are grateful to the Northern and the Oly All-Ages Project for having us, and we don't wanna violate their code of operation. And besides, there are 4 bars within a 2-block radius of the venue. You can do your drinkin' there!

here's the lineup!

head bangz
margy pepper
rollie fingers
eleanor murray
june madrona
mona reels
sundance kidz
street without joy
violet flame meditation
rainbow bridge
copy cats
nature girls
cool scool
james scott
sunn dagger
the greta jane jazz quartet
it's all gotta go
S.A.S. (DJ Set)

p.s. thanks to brittany for the gorgeous poster. we owe you one.

Friday, May 1, 2009


hey kids.

we're having a release listening party/installation for the C-23 box set!
(there's a blagh about the release below this one, if you don't know what it is)

it'll be at sizizis (704 4th Ave)
on thursday may 14
midnight to 3am
free, all ages

we'll be DJing the six-tape box-set using, you guessed it, six boomboxes set up around the store. as we mentioned in our blagh about the release below, there are over 46,000 different ways to listen to the album, and that's not counting starting the tapes at different times, which pretty much makes the possibilities endless. come stay up late with us, and get yourself a copy while you're at it! it's a limited edition, you know.

sizizis is olympia's only 24-hour business worth mentioning, offering over 80 kinds of (really delicious) tea, the best coffee in town (stumptown!), pastries (vegan cupcakes!!!), low lighting, and a delightfully gothic ambiance. it's really the perfect place for our performance/installation/listening party, and we are grateful to Kaia (did i spell that right?) and sizizis for letting us do it there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New and soon to come...

hi all you snails!

we've got some new killer shit to share with you, put on tapes addressed to your mailboxx.
we've been hibernating for a while (you know how winter is), but we're glad to say we're back, and lookin good, if we don't say so ourselves.

we've changed some stuff, and this is what we changed:
we finally ran out of some of the old favorites that you never heard, BUT, we have decided to upload a bunch of them for free download, ya cheepies. so keep checkin on that for updates. just remember that we love you very much.

here is the latest release, if you know what me mean.


a long time ago, we asked 12 people to make music in the key of C for 23 minutes. they did, and two years later, it's available! the deal is, the music was made with the idea in mind that you can play the tapes simultaneously (in any of 46,656 combinations - for real, we asked a mathematician) to create your own version of the album for you and your family to enjoy. you surely won't live long enough to run out of new ways to listen to it, provided you have six boomboxes (try goodwill). what can we say? it's a real good listen. and it's only $23! check out our catalog for the lineup. there ain't very many copies, so eat 'em up.

We are using a lot of recycled tapes, i.e. old cassettes people bought at retail value back in the day. cassingles, eagles tapes, audio books, you name it. we have some state-of-the-art tape erasing and recording equipment that helps us do this... it's all quite complicated.
for you, the "consumers" as W would have said, we offer this option... on our catalog we will have a list of lengths of tape needed, and we will offer a 25 cent per cassette credit on any order. That means if you have a big box of tapes, you can trade them for a small box of tapes with cool stuff on them. Think about the times in your subaru wishing you had something fresh to jam in that rectangular hole... check out the catalog and see if you have what it takes!


Yeah, that's right... Mikrofest number fourteen.

The first one to take place at a real venue?

The Northern, at 321 4th Ave in Olympia WA.
Saturday, June 6th 02009, 1pm.
The show will be $5 at the door, all ages encouraged to come!

Confirmed Acts:
- head bangz
- margy pepper
- rollie fingers
- eleanor murray
- mona reels
- sundance kidz
- generifus
- john farenelli
- street without joy
- violet flame meditation
- rainbow bridge
- copy cats
- nature girls
- cool scool
- james scott
- sunn dagger
- S.A.S. (DJ Set)

Friday, April 3, 2009


it's everything you've ever wanted, just smaller.

saturday april 11,

$5. all ages, all the time, baby. you know what i'm talkin about.

there will be food available at 2pm!

le bon chez puget:
1139 puget st NE

head bangz (tacoma)
fall of electricity
outdoor voices
blanket truth (seattle)
antarctica takes it!
kill the whale (formerly killywell)
james rabbit (santa cruz)
sunshine factory (LA)
brown and blue (CA)

and maybe even more! WHO KNOWS?!!!
don't miss this one kids. there may be no tomorrow!
-a :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


brown interiour music presents
we got more bands than ever before! (yikes!)
saturday may 24 12:30 pm - ?

white boss
live active culturez
foque mopus
tiffany amber thiessen
cool scool
sewn leather
big fucking sleep giant gives birth to himself
ruth allison
well beings
buffalo voice
nature girl(s)
desolation wilderness
sweetheart parade
fall of snow
penny & her lower case kindred
hobby hobby
alas alak alaska
infinity gauntlet

hall of the woods
(3712 sapp rd NE)
$3-5, all agez.

there'll be a gourmet secret cafe too!
there will not be any parking available,
so we have arranged for an hourly shuttle leaving from the top foods
parking lot on the westside (take bus #44 from the transit center).
there is also a biking map available on handouts around town.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

best mikrofest ever!!!

seriously, you guys.
this thing really came together.

thanks so much to hall of the woods (such an amazing place), and to all the bands, and to everyone who came. thanks to your contributions, we were able to send the touring bands off with a nice chunk of cash, which, if you've never been on tour, is like the best feeling ever.
oh - and thanks to evan for doing sound all day. it was really quite necessary

we'll be workin on the next one soon!