Friday, May 1, 2009


hey kids.

we're having a release listening party/installation for the C-23 box set!
(there's a blagh about the release below this one, if you don't know what it is)

it'll be at sizizis (704 4th Ave)
on thursday may 14
midnight to 3am
free, all ages

we'll be DJing the six-tape box-set using, you guessed it, six boomboxes set up around the store. as we mentioned in our blagh about the release below, there are over 46,000 different ways to listen to the album, and that's not counting starting the tapes at different times, which pretty much makes the possibilities endless. come stay up late with us, and get yourself a copy while you're at it! it's a limited edition, you know.

sizizis is olympia's only 24-hour business worth mentioning, offering over 80 kinds of (really delicious) tea, the best coffee in town (stumptown!), pastries (vegan cupcakes!!!), low lighting, and a delightfully gothic ambiance. it's really the perfect place for our performance/installation/listening party, and we are grateful to Kaia (did i spell that right?) and sizizis for letting us do it there.

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