Monday, June 25, 2007


This event is being curated by Boy Gorilla Records, and is happening in Portland. Don't miss it! Brown Interiour will have a distro set up, and we are being represented by the Free Range Stallions (with members of Simurgh), Ashley Eriksson & Eli Moore of LAKE will be playing with the Portland combo Swimming.

LAKE Survives Near-Miss

Whilst on tour with the revered Laura Viers, our friends in LAKE were run off the road by an eighteen-wheeler truck-drivin' man in rural Illinois. Andrew was the driver. "He just didn't see us," he recalls. "Do you want any sake?" In order to avoid being crushed by this big rig, our hero used his thinking cap and pulled into the "lush, grassy median." Thankfully, no one was hurt. The driver of the truck was unavailable for comment.

New Skrill Meadow EP

There is a new Still Meadow EP entitled "City By The Lake." Pop these jams in your hungry worn-out car cassette deck while the summer's still hot! Only a few are left.