Sunday, March 9, 2008

best mikrofest ever!!!

seriously, you guys.
this thing really came together.

thanks so much to hall of the woods (such an amazing place), and to all the bands, and to everyone who came. thanks to your contributions, we were able to send the touring bands off with a nice chunk of cash, which, if you've never been on tour, is like the best feeling ever.
oh - and thanks to evan for doing sound all day. it was really quite necessary

we'll be workin on the next one soon!

Monday, March 3, 2008

mikrofest vii!!!

it's so real!
we're forging ahead into a new millenium* with our slightly legendary festival series!
*(b.i.m. runs on non-linear time, and our y2k happens on march 8.)

here's the skinny.

saturday, march 8
hall of the woods
3712 Sapp Rd. sw
oly, wa 98512
all ages
bring a pillow and a friend

2:00 - google maps
2:30 - troglodytes
3:00 - polka dot dot
3:30 - blind physics
4:00 - clause of thunder
4:30 - leah cipolla
5:00 - gravity music for 5 violins, viola & cello
5:30 - miniature & presidential
6:00 - greenland
6:30 - anthony jr.
7:00 - jenny jenkins
7:30 - desolation wilderness
8:00 - generifus (kirkland)
8:30 - beat box fred
8:50 - an overlapping fear/appealing for heaven (chicago)
9:15 - #bear
10:00 - civilized man (chicago)
10:30 - mike fekete
11:00 - fall of electricity
11:30 - mirror tricks 2 (chicago)
12:00 - in the house on the house
12:30 - gumar and his magical midi band
1:00 - DANCE PARTY!!!
invertebrates in spandex!

anyways, it's gonna be the shit.
don't miss it.
if you don't come, 10,000 baby chinchillas will die in their sleep.
we don't want that, do we?
listen - i don't make the rules, ok?

see you there.