Friday, July 27, 2007

lake review from puremusic!

check it out! L.A.K.E., -a, and ashley eriksson have been reviewed by the nice folks at! here's a link.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

FRESH Summer 2007 mixtape

the first compilation tape we put out is out of print for the time being, but we have just released a new one, so get 'em while they're hot!

this 90 minute tape is full of instant hits and includes all of the following artists. These are exclusive tracks except *:
fisher J. price, disturbulenced*, L.A.K.E., Joseba Irazoki*, The Amazing and Incredible Randy, Horse Spirit Penetrates, Dylan Shearer*, Cains & Abels, R. Stevie Moore, WALK, Ashley & Eli, Hacksaw, White Haze, Number Bear, Louisana Fagot, Part Dog*, Peanut Butter Solution, Live Active Cultures*, Karl Blau, Lindsay Schief*, xox, Flying Arrangement, the Broooms, Grunt People*, Calvin Johnson, Ninjaface*, -a, and Hayseed Boys. it's just $2 when you buy 3 tapes, or $3 with shipping to continental US by itself.

welcome to the family!

We are proud to announce some newcomers to the Brown Interiour Music roster. Our newest addition is none other than R. Stevie Moore, the godfather of lo-fi himself. He has been making terriffic recordings since the 1960s and we are excited to collaborate with him. As an introduction he is on our summer 2007 compilation tape with a classic original called "Colliding Circles." Without him, we wouldn't have Ariel Pink, Guided By Voices, Jad Fair or even David Bowie. Check out his website, send him some cash, and watch his videos on youtube. Keep an eye out for future releases from Stevie!
R. Stevie Moore a few weeks ago

You might have heard that Karl Blau from Anacortes, WA has become involved with us. Not only did he donate a bunch of tape decks to us to help speed our process, but he also has recorded a very special album for us to release at historic Dub Narcotic Studio. The album features the poetry of the late poet Robert Sund, with spontaneous accompaniment from Adam Oelsner (L.A.K.E./Kickball), Andrew Dorsett (L.A.K.E./Live Active Cultures/-a) and myself. It's in the can and in the editing process, and it will be available shortly.

Karl Blau making lunch

Also new to the family is Joseba Irazoki from the Basque Country. He is a sort of avant-garde
blues guitarist with the occasional subtle electronic twist to his organic minimalist music. This is some serious PHD shit if you know what I mean. He has a couple albums released under the moniker "Do" on Spain's Lucky Kitchen label, and his newest release is a cassette on brown interiour called "dosi."

- Blues improbisatulues bezala defini dezakegu "Dosi" izeneko Irazokiren lan berria. Kanta baten batean, gitarra elektriko zikin samarrek hillbilly kutsua hartzen dute . Cassette formatu berezian argitaratzen du " Brown Interiour music" zigilu estatubatuarrak .

- Podemos definir el nuevo trabajo de Irazoki como Blues improvisado; guitarras el├ęctricas distorsionadas que llegan a coger un tono hillbilly. Lo publica en cassette el sello estadounidense "Brown interiour music".

- We can define the new work of Irazoki as improvised blues, we will find dirty electric guitars that sometimes sounds like hillbilly stuff. Released on cassette by the american label "Brown interiour music"

Joseba Irazoki having fun