Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New and soon to come...

hi all you snails!

we've got some new killer shit to share with you, put on tapes addressed to your mailboxx.
we've been hibernating for a while (you know how winter is), but we're glad to say we're back, and lookin good, if we don't say so ourselves.

we've changed some stuff, and this is what we changed:
we finally ran out of some of the old favorites that you never heard, BUT, we have decided to upload a bunch of them for free download, ya cheepies. so keep checkin on that for updates. just remember that we love you very much.

here is the latest release, if you know what me mean.


a long time ago, we asked 12 people to make music in the key of C for 23 minutes. they did, and two years later, it's available! the deal is, the music was made with the idea in mind that you can play the tapes simultaneously (in any of 46,656 combinations - for real, we asked a mathematician) to create your own version of the album for you and your family to enjoy. you surely won't live long enough to run out of new ways to listen to it, provided you have six boomboxes (try goodwill). what can we say? it's a real good listen. and it's only $23! check out our catalog for the lineup. there ain't very many copies, so eat 'em up.

We are using a lot of recycled tapes, i.e. old cassettes people bought at retail value back in the day. cassingles, eagles tapes, audio books, you name it. we have some state-of-the-art tape erasing and recording equipment that helps us do this... it's all quite complicated.
for you, the "consumers" as W would have said, we offer this option... on our catalog we will have a list of lengths of tape needed, and we will offer a 25 cent per cassette credit on any order. That means if you have a big box of tapes, you can trade them for a small box of tapes with cool stuff on them. Think about the times in your subaru wishing you had something fresh to jam in that rectangular hole... check out the catalog and see if you have what it takes!